Working group Climate Monitoring

The research activities of the working group "Climate monitoring" focus on the dynamics of the atmospheric boundary layer. For the analysis of the boundary layer, i.e. the layer that is in direct contact with the Earth's surface, we use modern in-situ observation techniques. With these, we study exchange processes between air and water (ocean, lakes, and rivers) and between air and land, e.g., the exchange of momentum, heat, moisture, and gases. In close collaboration with the working group "climate dynamics and statistics", we pursue an integrated view of the Earth system, bringing together observations, dynamical and stochastic process understanding, and numerical modeling to understand processes in the energy, water, and carbon cycles.

Research focus

  • Boundary layer meteorology
  • climate dynamics
  • carbon cycle
  • air-water exchange processes
  • observations

Teaching focus

  • Climate dynamics
  • atmospheric boundary layer
  • presentation techniques



Avatar Esters

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Leonie Esters

Junior professorship

+49 (0)228 7360694

Avatar Ginting

Yohanes Ginting

PhD student

+49 (0)228 739086

Avatar Päffgen

B.Sc. Elena Päffgen

Research assistant

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