Leonie Esters
  • Department of Meteorology
  • University of Uppsala
Research topics
  • Climate dynamics
  • Boundary layer
  • Turbulence carbon cycle
  • Air-water interactions
My research focusses on dynamic processes in the atmospheric boundary layer. A main theme is the investigation of processes that control the exchange of energy and greenhouse gases between water bodies, such as oceans or lakes, and the atmosphere. This research is mainly based on direct observations.
Selected publications
  • Esters, L., Rutgersson, A., Nilsson, E., Sahlée, E. (2021): Non-local Impacts on Eddy-Covariance Air–Lake CO2 Fluxes, Boundary-layer Meteorology, 178(2): 283-300.
    Doeschate, A., Sutherland, G., Bellenger, H., Landwehr, S., Esters, L. , Ward, B. (2019): Upper Ocean Response to Rain Observed From a Vertical Profiler, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 124(6): 3664-3681.
    Esters, L., (2018): Turbulence Scaling Comparisons in the Ocean Surface Boundary Layer, Journal of Geophysical Research
    Esters, L., S. Landwehr, G. Sutherland, T. Bell, K. H. Christensen, E. Saltzman, S. Miller, and B. Ward, 2017. Parameterizing air-sea gas transfer velocity with dissipation. Journal of Geophysical Research.
Leonie Esters
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Leonie Esters
Junior professorship


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