20. November 2023

Decadal-scale perspectives for Europe Decadal-scale-perspectives

PhD Research Assistant 75%

The Institute of Geosciences of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is seeking within the BMBF funded project „A Coming Decade – Decadal-scale perspectives for Europe“ a Research Associate (75%) limited to 36 months  (for doctoral studies). The goal of the project „A Coming Decade – Decadal-scaleperspectives for Europe“ is to ignificantly improve climate predictions for Europe for decadal timescales and develop climate services to support decision-making for the coming years. Coming Decade will take both the forecasting system and the forecast products to the next level. The University of Bonn project will participate in the development of user-specific products for applications with statistical adjustment for reliable probabilistic predictions, and the verification of extremes and multivariable indices.


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