Working group "Climate Dynamics and Statistics"

Our research activities include the statistical and dynamical analysis of atmospheric processes, the statistical post-processing of weather and climate forecasts, and the detection and attribution of climate change signals. An important focus is on extreme events, their drivers and their statistical description and prediction, both in the short term and on climate time scales. In close collaboration with the "Climate Monitoring" group of Prof. Dr. Leonie Esters, we pursue an integrated view of the Earth system by bringing together observations, dynamical and stochastic process understanding, and statistical and numerical modeling to understand and predict processes in the energy, water, and carbon cycles.

Research focus

  • Climate dynamics
  • extreme weather and climate events
  • statistical-dynamic analyses
  • statistical post-processing
  • extreme value statistics

Teaching focus

  • Climate dynamics
  • Statistical methods
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Inverse Modeling
  • Thermodynamics

Climate seminar


Avatar Friederichs

PD Dr. Petra Friederichs

Working group leader and Research associate

+49 (0)228 735187

Avatar Buschow

Dr. Sebastian Buschow

Research associate

+49 (0)228 735184

Avatar Szemkus

Svenja Szemkus

PhD student

+49 (0)228 735101

Avatar Fohrmann

Till Fohrmann

PhD student

+49 (0)228 735183

Avatar Liu

M.Sc Ziyu Liu

PhD student

+49 (0)228 735104

Avatar Rosell

Christian Rosell

PhD student

+49 (0)228 739086

Avatar Roque Mamani

Jane Roque Mamani

PhD student

+49 (0)228 735183

Avatar Kelbch

Dr. Alexander Kelbch

Research associate (DWD)

+49 (0)228 735639

Avatar Valmassoi

Dr. Arianna Valmassoi

Research associate (DWD)

+49 (0)228 735195

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