Working group Theoretical Meteorology

In theoretical meteorology, different questions of meteorological research are treated with the help of mathematical-physical methods. The basis for this are the equations based on physical axioms for the description of the thermo-hydrodynamic processes taking place in the atmosphere. The mathematical process descriptions derived from these equations are transformed into numerical algorithms which allow the processes in the atmosphere to be simulated with the aid of computer calculations.

Reseach focus

  • Development of parameterization methods for precipitation forming clouds
  • Numerical simulation of fog events
  • Development of numerical methods for the description of the transport of of atmospheric trace gases
  • Description of the interaction between atmosphere and land surfaces
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Detailed simulations of cloud microphysical processes

Main focus teaching

  • Synoptic Meteorology
  • Dynamics of the Atmosphere

  • Thermodynamics of the atmosphere
  • Cloud microphysics


Avatar Bott

Prof. Dr. Andreas Bott


Research group leader
Avatar Kelbch

Dr. Alexander Kelbch

Research associate (DWD)

Avatar Küll

Dr. Volker Küll

Research associate

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