Working group Remote Sensing

The working group focusses on the full understanding and exploitation of polarimetric weather radar measurements for quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE), nowcasting (QPN), detailled evaluation of numerical models in radar-observation and retrieval space, parameterization improvement/development for a better representation of cloud and precipitation processes in numerical weather prediction models, and also for (polarimeric) data assimilation. Strong collaborations with the German Weather Service enable the implementation of developments in operational applications. Even though a focus is on ground-based weather radars, synergistic measurements are in multifold use, e.g.  commercial microwave links to improve radar-based QPE, statellite overpasses for radar calibration, satellite-based retrievals to consider convective initiation and enhance the lead-time of radar-based nowcasting, multi-frequency cloud radars to complement process understanding, and airborne in-situ measurements to evaluate polarimetric retrievals.

Research focus

  • Detailled information content of polarimetric measurements
  • Holistic view of cloud and precipitation processes from multiple sensors
  • Quantitiative precipitation estimation
  • Observation-based nowcasting exploiting polarimetric process signatures
  • Polarimetric (ice) microphysical retrievals
  • Combined analyses of dynamics and polarimetry
  • Combined analyses of Doppler spectra and polarimetry
  • Direct and indirect (polarimetric) radar data assimilation

Main focus teaching

  • Literature seminar on remote sensing including presentation techniques
  • Introduction in radar polarimetry with excercises (basic information content of
    polarimetric variables and processing)
  • Introduction in remote sensing
  • Meteorological laboratory
  • Introduction to meteorology


Avatar Trömel

PD Dr. Silke Trömel

Research associate and Research group leader

Auf dem Hügel 20

53121 Bonn

Avatar Michel

Kathrin Michel

Employee in technology and administration

Auf dem Hügel 20

53121 Bonn

Avatar Evaristo

Dr. Raquel Evaristo

Research associate

Avatar Akter

Mahfuja Akter

Research associate

Avatar Blanke

Armin Blanke

PhD student

Avatar Chen

Ju-Yu Chen

PhD student

Avatar Emond

M.Sc. Mathias Emond

PhD student

Avatar Alberto Giles

Dr. Julian Alberto Giles

Research associate

Avatar Lennefer

Martin Lennefer

Employee in technology

Avatar Mühlbauer

Kai Mühlbauer

Employee in technology (Radar)

Avatar Reimann

Lucas Reimann

PhD student

Avatar Pejcic

Velibor Pejcic

PhD student

Avatar Steinheuer

Dr. Julian Steinheuer

Research associate

Avatar Scharbach

M. Sc. Tobias Scharbach

PhD student

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