Weather radar

The weather radar BoXPol (Bonn XBand Polarimetric) is currently not in operation. The data of the weather radar JuXPol (Juelich XBand Polarimetric) are shown below. Information on the operation of polarimetric radars can be found at

Horizontal reflectivity

Reflectivity depends on the size and number of raindrops per volume. It is usually given in logarithmic measure (dBZ). Further information on reflectivity can be found in Wikipedia.

Azimuth 100km zh
Azimuth 100km vh

Doppler velocity

Doppler velocity (also radial velocity) is the velocity component of precipitation along the radar beam. Negative velocity denotes motion toward the radar, positive velocity denotes motion away from the radar.

More information on radial velocity can be found in Wikipedia.


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