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Research Seminar

In the research seminar, staff and students of the Department of Geophysics as well as researchers from national and international collaborations are invited to present and discuss their current state of geophysical research.
The Research Seminar of the Department of Geophysics takes place during the lecture period of each semester.

Please pre-register if interested in attending:

Participation, place and time

within the lecture period
2:15 pm - 3:45 pm

room 3.006
Meckenheimer Allee 176
D-53115 Bonn

Program in winter semester 2023/2024


  • Info-Meeting


  • Jonas Limbrock: Relationships between Cole-Cole model parameters in permittivity and conductivity formulations


  • Arne Mansfeld: Changes in the complex conductivity response of sandstones due to NaHCO3 infiltration, a time-lapse study


  • Valentin Michels: Rhizotron-scale crop root phenotyping using spectral electrical impedance tomography
  • Agostina Ortiz: Detection, distribution and hydrological significance of Andean permafrost in taluses and block slopes in the Agua Negra Basin, Argentina – a geophysical approach


  • Alexander Jaron: Combined analysis of ERT and TEM data for freshwater lens exploration
  • Niklas Heidemann: GeoIT - Our next steps in scientific computing, FAIRdata and IT security


  • Daria Pankova: Elucidating the thermo-hydrogeological controls of Lagoon Pingo (Adventdalen, Svalbard) formation using electrical imaging


  • Maurice Tadje: Temperaturabhängigkeit der elektrischen Eigenschaften teilgefrorener Sedimentproben (aus Svalbard)
  • Niklas Sachwitz: Modelling of the anisotropic effective complex conductivity of plant roots based on cylindrical structural parameterization


  • Joost Hase: Probabilistic inversion of geoelectric measurements on reduced model spaces using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo sampling
  • Kristoffer Kerkhof: On strange tides


  • Larissa Reineccius: Modeling study on the spectral induced polarization response of the rhizosphere

Contact und Organization

Avatar Zoporowski

Dr. Anna Zoporowski

Academic Coordinator of Meteorology and Geophysics, and Research associate


Meckenheimer Allee 176

53115 Bonn

+49 (0)228 732466

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