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New magazine “Past Global Changes Horizons”

The Past Global Changes (PAGES) project is pleased to announce a new paleoscience magazine for teenagers and young adults.

New magazine “Past Global Changes Horizons”


Past Global Changes Horizons highlights science of the past, written in an easy to understand, visual format, for those interested in, and wanting to learn more about, environmental issues and global climate change. The objective is to make readers aware that looking to the past, through the science of the past, can help us better understand the current environmental crisis, and what can be done to help Earth’s future.

It is a scientific review of why the study of Earth’s history is important. It promotes the use of comics, pictures, and drawings that support short papers with strong messages about past sciences and how to prepare for a changing future.
Each of the 18 contributions addresses a scientific question and includes appealing and understandable figures or images, without sacrificing scientific rigor. Tips and suggestions for further research and discussion topics are also included, meaning Horizons is not only designed for students but also potentially for teachers and everyone who is interested in the topic.
Andrea Miebach from the Institute of Geosciences, University of Bonn, contributed a paper about the use of pollen in paleovegetation and paleoclimate research. Using her own research at the Dead Sea as an example, she explained where pollen are find, what they look like, and how they are used for reconstructing the past. This nice illustration summarizes the short paper:

Access the first issue of Past Global Changes Horizons here:
It is currently an online magazine, but there will be the option to request free hard copies in May 2021. A second print run is planned for October 2021.