Section of Paleontology

The section covers the entire spectrum of palaeontology, a unique feature in German universities. The fields of vertebrate palaeontology, invertebrate palaeontology, micropalaeontology, and palaeobotany are represented each by a full professor with active working group. Research is mainly targeted palaeobiologically with focuses on the evolution and ecomorphology of early mammals, the palaeobiology of insects (amber) and other arthropods, the evolutionary ecology of foraminifers, and palynomorph based climate reconstruction in the Quaternary. We apply innovative investigation techniques such as cutting edge imaging methods, 3D reconstructions, and the virtual simulation of movements of fossilised organisms. The large equipment of the section of palaeontology comprises a high resolution computed microtomograph, a surface scanner as well as a leading-edge scanning electron microscope.

You can find the palaeontology homepage here:
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