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Workshop SVP March 2013

 Logo_SVP_01.jpg  Virtual 3D Analysis of Chewing in Mammals – Occlusal Fingerprint Analyser (OFA) Workshop


Precise dental occlusion is a key adaptation in the evolution of mammals. In combination with various modifications of the dentition, modern placentals and marsupials developed versatile masticatory functions. The reconstruction of the chewing cycle and quantification of mastication performance is a major problem in functional morphology of the dentition. To overcome the shortcomings of 2D-models, a 3D virtual manipulation software, the Occlusal Fingerprint Analyser (OFA), was developed within the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Research Unit 771.

The OFA allows a detailed 3D surface analysis with the integration of masticatory movements and original wear patterns of teeth. The workshop will include a presentation of this new 3D surface analyzing software which is available free as download. The participants will manipulate actively polygonal tooth models in 3D and create animated chewing motions. At the end of the workshop, each participant should be able to use the OFA for their own functional analyses. The organizers of this workshop are initiators and qualified users of the OFA who will be able to provide detailed background information on the software and its development. The aim is to demonstrate that virtual manipulation and the animation of chewing cycles can be used by everyone in the scientific community who is interested in 3D and/or mastication processes. The proposed workshop provides a basic training or the OFA including a comprehensive explanation of all major functions of the software.

Attendees should bring their own notebooks (minimum system requirements: Dual Core Intel/AMD 32/64bit, 4200+/2200MHz, 2GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 6600GT or AMD/ATI Radeon x800, 1GB free disk space, monitor resolution 1280x1024, 32bit Windows XP SP2)


Occlusal Fingerprint Analyser:

32 bit Windowsinstaller(zip-file): OFASetup_952.exe

64 bit Windowsinstaller(zip-file): OFASetup_952_x64.exe

After installation the programm needs to Update to make all functions available!


Documents as PDF:


First Circular OFA-Workshop information

For further questions please find all contact informations of our team in the pdf file of the first circular of the SVP.

Looking foreward seeing you in L.A.!