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Prof. Dr. Thomas Litt


Nußallee 8

Gebäude Geologie

Raum 109
Telefon: +49 (0)228 73-2736
Telefon: +49 (0)228 73-3103 (Sekretariat)
E-Mail: t.litt [at]

Research interest

  • Neogene and Quaternary palaeobotany/palynology, palaeoecology and stratigraphy
  • Geo-biosphere responses to climate and human impact
  • Quantitative palaeoclimate reconstructions based on transfer functions
  • Long continental records as palaeoclimate archives (Lake Van, Turkey; Dead Sea, Israel)
  • High-resolution annually laminated lake sediments as paleoecological archives
  • Integrating palaeobotanical data and genetic analyses to reconstruct the history of European tree species

Recent and ongoing projects

  • Environmental Response on Climate Events in the Levant, Near East and SE Europe during the last 200,000 years based on Long continental Records
    (Project B3, DFG Collaborative Research Centre 806 (SFB) “Our Way to Europe”)
  • Faunal assemblages and Biomes at the Anthropological Frontier around 50-40 ka BP
    (Project E8, DFG Collaborative Research Centre 806 (SFB) “Our Way to Europe”)
  • Lake Van Drilling Project “PaleoVan”, a long continental record in eastern Turkey
    (DFG – Priority Program (SPP) ICDP, LI 582/15-1-2, LI 582/20-1-2)
  • Palynological investigations based on Quaternary Sediments of the Upper Rhine Graben (DFG, LI 582/19-1)

Selected publications

  • Kappenberg, A., Lehndorff, E., Pickarski, N., Litt, T., Amelung, W. (2019): Solar controls of fire history during the past 600,000 years. Quaternary Science Reviews 208: 97-104.
  • Palmisano, A., Woodbridge, J., Roberts, N., Bevan, A., Fyfe, R., Shennan, S., Cheddadi, R., Greenberg, R., Kaniewski, D., Langgut, D., Leroy, S.A.G., Litt, T., Miebach, a. (2019): Holocene Landscape Dynamics and Long-term Population Trends in the Levant. The Holocene: 1-20. Link
  • Langgut, d., Cheddadi, R., Carrion, J.S., Cavanagh, M., Colombaroli, D., Eastwood, W.J., Greenberg, R., Litt, T., Mercuri, A.M., Miebach, A., Roberts, N., Woldring, H., Woodbridge, J. (2019): The origin of olive domestication in the Mediterranean Basin: the fossil pollen evidence. The Holocene:1-21. Link
  • Vossel, H., Roeser, P., Litt, T., Reed, J.M. (2018): Lake Kinneret (Israel). New insights into Holocene regional palaeoclimate variability based on high-resolution multi-proxy analysis. The Holocene 28, 1395-1410.
  • Schiebel, V., Litt, T. (2018): Holocene Vegetation history of the southern Levant based on a pollen record from Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Israel. Vegetation History and Archaeoboany 27, 577-590.
  • Chen, C; Litt, T. (2018): Dead Sea Pollen provides new insights into the paleoenvironment of the southern Levant during MIS 6-5. Quaternary Science Reviews 188, 15-27.
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