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Gee Research Group

Welcome to the Gee Lab!

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We are interested in all aspects of botany and paleobotany, from the living to the fossil realm. Our approach to fossil plants is to view them as living organisms in Deep Time, and our main areas of research are morphology, anatomy, biological affinity, ecology, and taphonomy. Most of our studies focus on the paleobotany of the Mesozoic and pre-Quaternary Cenozoic, although we also study living plants, the formation of plant assemblages in the sedimentary record of the present day, and plant fossilization in order to understand the past.  Since 2018, I have been a principal investigator and steering committee member of DFG Research Unit 2685 on Fossilization. Here is a link to a blog post on the book that we published on fossilization in spring 2021: https:////

Current members of the Gee Lab

Name Room     E-Mail    Telephone
PD Dr. Carole Gee 0.001     cgee[at]    73 3063
Dr. Brianne Palmer 0.003     bpalmer[at]    73 3078
Aowei Xie, M.Sc.  0.002     awxie[at]    73 9365
Mariah Howell, M.Sc.    
0.002     mariah.howell[at]     73 9365
Josefine Weiss 0.009
    josefinefriederikeweiss[at]    73 4069
Felicitas Hoff 0.009     s6fshoff[at]    73 4069
Sam Pieper 0.009     samuel.pieper[at]    73 4069