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20.05.2019, 17:00h: Talk of Joshua Soderholm, PhD, Monash University

Title: Rain, Hail or Shine: Advancing severe weather science through data, instrumentation and innovation

Short abstract: Mitigating severe weather in Australia is a unique challenge. The complete spectrum of severe weather from Severe Tropical Cyclones to polar depressions impact an area twice the size of western Europe with a population of only 26 million people. With one of the worlds lowest population densities, capacity for observational science remains an ongoing challenge. This seminar will begin by looking at the thunderstorm environment along eastern Australia and the textbook concept of sea breeze stability. Motivated by multiple billion dollar hailstorm events, a field experiment and ongoing research has shown that updraft inflow for the most extreme events is often sourced from the sea breeze air mass. Both weather radar data and severe weather reporting are essential for capturing severe thunderstorms, however, such data has remained underutilised in Australia until recently. Efforts to homogenise, calibrate and host open access for more than 700 radar years of data from the national network will be discussed. The WeatheX app will also be introduced, which brings severe weather reporting to smartphones. Finally, highlights from recent research will be presented including (1) hail nowcasting using simulated trajectories, (2) UAV observations of hail size distributions and (3) current project at the University of Bonn to automated boundary detection for nowcasting.


Prüfungstermine  der Studiengänge BSc Meteorologie und MSc Physik der Erde und Atmosphäre des laufenden Semesters.


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